Market Mojo Report June 2015


Known to the City of Santa Barbara as the Douglas Family Preserve, this is a 70 acre park of pristine undeveloped open coastal space – the largest such parcel in the City. To old-timers it is the Wilcox property.

june2015-2015-06-05This was the site of Roy Wilcox’s nursery, created in 1949. It closed in 1972. Soon proposals for development came forward including, a luxury hotel, a residential subdivision, and a retirement community.

In 1996, grassroots public fundraising surpassed $2 million toward the purchase price of $3.6 million. In recognition of a $600,000 contribution by actor Michael Douglas, the park was named the Douglas Family Preserve to honor his father Kirk Douglas. Read More→

Market Mojo Report May 2015

F A M I L Y  F U N  I N  S A N T A  Y N E Z

My wife, Gail, and I took a short vacation to Santa Ynez and we stopped at OstrichLand (610 E Hwy 246, between Buellton and Santa Ynez.) It is quaint mix between tourist trap and a roadside zoo.

May-2015-Newsletter350For a four dollar fee they let you visit a couple dozen Ostriches and a similar number of Emus. It turns out the Ostriches are the largest bird on the planet sometimes making it to nine feet tall. They come from Africa. The Emus are smaller but prettier with blue necks and they come from Australia.

For an extra dollar you can feed them, and they all seem to be voracious consumers of Ostrich pellets – something like bunny food. And they are quick to try to pull the food bowl out of your hands. When those big bobbing heads and wide beaks lunge at the food it is not for the faint of heart. We watched kids, and even teenagers, quickly turn the feeding the Ostrich duty over to the parents. The kids were too scared of Big Bird. Read More→

Market Mojo Report April 2015

H E N D R Y ’ S   B E A C H

As far as the County of Santa Barbara is concerned the name is Arroyo Burro Beach County Park, named after the Arroyo Burro Creek that enters the beach there. To locals it is still Hendry’s Beach, named after Scottish immigrants, William and Anne Hendry, and their children, who owned a farm next to the beach from the 1890’s until about 1918. It has been called Hendry’s beach for more than 100 years.

april-photoIn 1947 the State of California sold the County 6 acres that was to become the park and they leased 6.8 more acres. In 1968, the County received the leased land as a grant from the State. In the 1990’s a private land trust donated an additional acre for parking.

Great for waves, local surfers refer to this beach as “The Pit.” Great for dogs, a part of the beach is designated an “off leash” area. To find the leash-free zone of the beach turn left. After crossing the slough it goes east to the end of the Douglas Preserve. Read More→

Market Mojo Report Mar 2015


In my 38th year in a rewarding career in real estate I’ve just achieved my 700th closing. My work has impacted thousands of lives, but along the way what has been most gratifying is mar2015-700_2015-04-10helping people acquire their first home. It is a joy to deliver that first set of keys. Over that time I have worked with a steady stream of buyers and sellers, escrow and title officers, home inspectors, contractors, handymen, accountants, lawyers, painters, surveyors, geologists, pest control operators, Realtors, and hundreds of other people. I am utterly thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way, including all the clients and recipients of this newsletter who have passed my name along to others. Read More→

Market Mojo Report Feb 2015


feb-photoMy mother made sure that I got involved with many of the finer things in life. She was an excellent musician and taught piano to hundreds of people over her lifetime. She was also a great church organist. She didn’t want to push her instrument however, and allowed me to choose my own. So I signed up for band. I took trumpet for four years and started up again after college. I migrated to the tenor saxophone and finally the clarinet. I played music for Mom nearly every day in the last months of her life. Mom and I got a kick out of music. When I finished a song, she’d tell me how well I’d done. She used hand signals: thumbs up, or clapping. She was a music teacher to the end.

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Market Mojo Report Jan 2015


jan-photoReal estate is in my blood. My grandfather Oliver Williams started out as a Minister of the Church of the Brethren, and when he retired he became a Realtor for more than 20 years. He specialized in orange groves from Anaheim to Pomona. He put in the roads, subdivided the land, and sold off the lots. I remember him taking me around the orchards and cutting fresh oranges to snack on. He also built apartments.

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Market Mojo Report December 2014

First, You Pass a Test

scott1980I remember taking the California real estate exam in 1977. The test took a couple of hours down in Los Angeles with hundreds of people in huge rooms. Afterward, as I walked out, there were people hoping to debrief us to find out if the test takers could remember specific questions. They wrote down any snippets that could be recalled. These people worked for testing companies that published preparation exams. They wanted their prep exams to be as close to the real thing as possible. Today they research these preparation tests differently, but it is still big business to prepare people for the real estate exam.
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Market Mojo Report November 2014

nov2014-picture1All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  To get away from it all, I joined my men’s group retreat at Forest Home in Ojai.  You see me in the photo on one of their zip lines.  To compensate for the 104 degree weather we played water volleyball, had a bocce ball tournament and participated in other fun activities.  It was a great escape, with a bunch of good guys, and the fun more than compensated for the hot weather.

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3210 Braemar Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

3210 braemar-1431-14.jpeg

This is a rare close-to-the-ocean, level, one-acre property. The 2,473 square foot, 1979, 4-bedroom, 3-bath home is in one of Santa Barbara’s most stable neighborhoods, where you could wait years to find a home. With two fireplaces and a parquet great room, this single story Spanish-style home is perfect for entertaining. Gather and play around the 65-foot pool! Fresh paint, new carpets, vinyl, and lighting make it move-in ready. However, you may wish to dig deeper into remodeling as some nearby homeowners have done. This is a great opportunity to live close to the water and put your stamp onto an in-town, one-acre property.

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324 Loyola Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109


This comfortable Mesa home is ready for a new owner who can put their own stamp onto the decor and upgrades of this house.  It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is measured at 1,653 square feet. There is copper plumbing in the visible areas and a new roll-up garage door with opener.  Seller will provide a physical inspection and termite report – ask the agent for a copy.  Be sure to check out this big house in a quiet, low-traffic location.  This property is in the Washington School attendance area.   This is an estate sale and the owner will do no repair work to the property.  There is no court confirmation required. Offers will be presented to the seller on Monday October 13, 2014 at 1PM at 3868 State Street – the Berkshire Hathaway office.

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